Outside is the best side

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MEC Outdoor Nation bridges the gap between liking it and doing it.

Van life, ski trips, bike rides, mountaintop sunrises, river surfing, camp-outs. If the rad stuff you’re dreaming of doing is just out of reach due to hectic schedules, limited funds or not knowing where to start, we feel you. That’s why we’re making it impossible for you to bail. 

Through our network of collaborators, we’re hosting stellar events across Canada. Plus we’re funding community projects to get more people outside and linking up our online community so you can make it happen.

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what's happening
Want to get outside and meet other fun people?
Link up with entrepreneurs and
organizations across the country who are passionate about getting outside.
Your projects
Have a great idea to get people like you outside? Apply for funding and make it happen.


stories from generation outside

May 18, 2016


For Gurjeet, camping was just a cool thing he saw on TV – until this adventure into the woods.

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May 24, 2016

Why We Go Outdoors

For the outdoorsy ones, the dirtbags, the nature lovers and fitness freaks.

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May 18, 2016

17 Weird Ways to Train for an Obstacle Course

How do you get ready to climb a warped wall or dodge swinging heavy bags?

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May 12, 2016

Vancouver to Ottawa: Finding Adventure At Every

5 days, 5500km with the Chasing Sunrise crew.

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what's happening

We’re working out the details on some awesome events – check back soon!

We’re working out the details on some awesome events – check back soon!

We’re working out the details on some awesome events – check back soon!

We’re working out the details on some awesome events – check back soon!


Team up with our amazing community of collaborators to hike, surf, camp and get outside more often.

Eastern Canada


Surf the Greats

Committed to building a strong surf community around the Great Lakes and beyond. They provide workshops on wave forecasting and SUP and surf safaris in and around Toronto.

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This settlement organization has partnered with Outdoor Nation to help new Canadians find fun, free outdoor activities in and around Toronto – and to connect with their new communities.

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Les Chèvres de Montagne

A group of outdoorsy females that’s passionate about getting more women active outside. They host various outdoor events for everyone, from those brand new to activities to dedicated climbers, campers and more who want to grow their skill set.

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Western Canada


Chasing Sunrise

This crew wants more out of life – more experiences, more adventures, more mind-blowing memories. They host a amazing events like sunrise hikes, secret camp-outs and yoga sessions, and regularly team up with MEC Outdoor Nation.

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Urban Native Youth Association

As Metro Vancouver’s only Native youth program,  UNYA provides over 21 programs for Native youth. MEC Outdoor Nation and UNYA work together to get more young adults outside and active in Vancouver and beyond.

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It can be hard to get out there (and easy to default to the couch). But you’re serious about change, and so are we.

If you have a great idea to get a bigger, more diverse crew outside,
we want to hear about it. We might even fund it. Gear donations are available (up to $300 in retail value), or you can get support via rental gear if you don’t need items on an ongoing basis.

Your project must:

  • Get new people in your generation active and outside in a unique and creative way

  • Be activated and accomplished within one year of the application date in Canada

  • Come from an organization (non-government) – we can’t give donations to individuals

  • Not support or require illegal activity

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get in touch

If you have a great idea for a collaboration or want to get involved, then we’d love to hear from you.


Elyse Curley
MEC Outdoor Nation Coordinator
604.707.2355 or outdoornation@mec.ca